Suggestions for Caring for Your Porcelain and Ceramic

  • When moving porcelain and ceramic objects, always carry one object or one part of an object at a time.

  • It is best to place your hands around the body of the object rather than using an existing handle, rim, or spout for support.

  • In general, porcelain and ceramics should be stored and displayed on sturdy, level surfaces that are secure from bumps and jarring.

  • Objects should be covered or enclosed to protect them from dirt and dust.

  • Newspaper and acidic newsprint paper can cause discoloration and stains and should not be used for wrapping or long-term storage of ceramics and glass.

  • Each time a piece is handled for cleaning there is a greater risk of breakage. It is better to protect pieces from soil and dust, rather than wash them too often.

Contact a conservator for intervention if your object requires special intervention, such as:

  • Cleaning

  • Repair

  • Restoration

  • Replacement of missing parts

These suggestions are intended for guidance only. Wiebold Studio does not assume responsibility or liability.

Sarah Crawford