Suggestions for Helping You Preserve Figurines and Dolls

  • Display your dolls and figurines in a low-traffic area, as the vibrations from people walking may disrupt the stability of your items.

  • When storing or moving your dolls place them in acid-free, lignin-free tissue and store them in acid-free cardboard boxes.

  • Any box used for storage should be strong enough to support the weight of the objects inside and should have a secure bottom.

  • The storage container should also be large enough to enclose the entire object.

  • Objects should not be allowed to bump or fall against each other.

  • Handle your items sparingly. Each time a piece is handled for cleaning or transport there is a greater risk of breakage through accidents and mishandling.

Contact a conservator for intervention if:

  • Parts are missing or broken.

  • Paint on your items is chipped and scratched.

  • Your items have lost their original integrity due to dirt and other environmental exposures.

These suggestions are intended for guidance only. Wiebold Studio does not assume responsibility or liability.

Sarah Crawford