Suggestions for Helping You Preserve Your Crystal and Glass

  • When moving crystal and glass items, always carry one piece at a time. It is best to place your hands around the body of the object rather than using an existing handle, rim, or spout for support.

  • Be sure you have a level space of adequate size available to place the object, and a clear path to move, before removing the piece from its original location.

  • Carry objects from room to room or up and down stairs in a padded basket or box rather than in your hands.

  • Use soft padding to prevent your glass objects from clinking against each other.

Contact a conservator for intervention if:

  • Your item cracks.

  • Stemware needs to be repaired.

  • Parts are missing or broken in pieces.

  • Your item has been self-repaired in the past.

These suggestions are intended for guidance only. Wiebold Studio does not assume responsibility or liability.

Sarah Crawford