Suggestions for Helping You Preserve Your Paintings & Frames

  • Maintain an environment between 40 and 60 percent humidity.

  • Avoid hanging pictures in direct sunlight; this can cause fading of some pigments, yellowing of varnish.

  • Avoid hanging near fireplaces, heating and air conditioning vents, bathrooms or outside walls due to rapid environmental fluctuations.

  • Avoid lighting that generates enough heat to warm the surface of the painting.

  • Use small rubber spacers on the back of the frame to increase air circulation behind the picture.

  • Do not touch the painting with your fingers; the natural oils in your skin can cause damage and leave marks that may appear decades later.

  • Avoid using pesticides, foggers, air fresheners and furniture sprays near paintings.

  • Remove art from the room before plastering, painting, wallpapering or steam-cleaning carpet.

  • Do not try to clean a painting yourself, or use any liquid on a painted surface.

Contact a conservator for intervention if:

  • Varnish becomes discolored and affects the artist's intended colors.

  • Tears in the canvas appear.

  • Paint flakes and cracks.

  • Mold or insects appear on the painting.

  • The surface is rippled or out-of-plane.

These suggestions are intended for guidance only. Wiebold Studio does not assume responsibility or liability.

Sarah Crawford